sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2012

"Yaya Touré e Mario Balotelli queixaram-se de ter ouvido “gritos de macacos”, refere a imprensa inglesa desta sexta-feira, mas Rui Cerqueira disse que os cânticos em causa foram proferidos por adeptos do FC Porto e do City, para os jogadores Hulk e Sergio “Kun” Aguero. “Kun, Kun, Kun; Hulk, Hulk, Hulk”, explica o diretor de comunicação do FC Porto. “Estes cânticos podem facilmente ser confundidos com cânticos racistas”, acrescentou Rui Cerqueira." in relvado.com

 Só não consigo perceber se eles aqui estã a dizer hulk hulk hulk ou kun kun kun....

Já agora, aqui fica a apreciação ao monstro verde dos 100 milhões feita num blog inglês:

 “I’m not particularly glad that Manchester City won this one, but I’m deliriously cock-a-hoop that Porto lost – and for one, sole reason: Hulk. Jesus wept, what an overrated pile of festering guano that man is. Shite touch after shite touch followed by pleading tumble after pleading tumble. Waiting to feel a touch, any touch from his marker, that being his cue to plough himself into the Dragão turf.He possesses the bodily bulk of a brawny bison, yet he reacts to contact by bouncing around and wincing through tear-beaded eyes like he’s fabricated from balsa wood and blu-tack.The guy has nothing. Nothing. A few utterly superfluous and largely ineffective flicks and a shot that is less ‘Howitzer’ and more ‘Surface to Air missile’. €100 million release clause? All I can say is, his agent must be bloody good. F**k him. F**k you Hulk, you whining, diving, useless cheating bag of day-old cat vomit. The most overrated player in world football, and I will hear nothing to the contrary.”in Who Ate All the Pies, retirado do blog "Benfica até debaixo d'água)?

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